Bribery is a widespread phenomenon. It raises serious social, moral, economic and political concerns, undermines good governance, hinders development and distorts competition. It erodes justice, undermines human rights and is an obstacle to the relief of poverty.

It also increases the cost of doing business, introduces uncertainties into commercial transactions, increases the cost of goods and services, diminishes the quality of products and services, which can lead to loss of life and property, destroys trust in institutions and interferes with the fair and efficient operation of markets.

Every organisation shall provide adequate and appropriate anti-bribery awareness and training to personnel in order to get the best efficiency from its own Anti-Bribery Management Systems.

Anti-Bribery Academy  has international scientific and academic support and it was created to “Spread the Anti-Corruption Culture».

“Matter of Culture” is our motto, because it is impossible to fight such a strong and widespread phenomenon, without involving the best know-how in the field.

Anti-Bribery Academy offers consultancy, auditing, training and coaching services, based on the main national legislative sources, the international conventions and the ISO Standards as ISO 37001, ISO 19600, ISO 31000, ISO 19011 and more. Furthermore it also organises customised knowledge-sharing initiatives” based on the specific needs of its customers.